Welcome to Firehouse-Fitness,LLC: We specialize in educating, training and coaching our clients to obtain optimum Health and Fitness. Through our holistic approach to Wellness, centered around sound EXERCISE principals, making better NUTRITIONAL choices, eliminating life altering STRESS, all while building a strong HEALTHY MINDSET so that you will be better able to maintain your health for a lifetime.

We will strengthen and improve your Wellness profile by developing your personal "Healthy-Life Pyramid". your Wellness plan for achieving a healthier lifestyle that will make you More Vibrant, More Active, More of the person you want to be, More of the person you USE to be.

We hope that you come to find us as a reliable resource for all of your Health & Fitness needs.


The key to obtaining and maintaining your ideal healthy weight, requires some basic understanding on why we gain weight and how we can lose the unhealthy pounds of fat that we all seem to put on over the years. Our "Weight Management 101" program is the ultimate formula to help you make better NUTRITIONAL choices to achieve the healthiest profile of your LIFE! Make Firehouse-Fitness,LLC your personal Weight Management coach.


Firehouse-Fitness,LLC offers many options to improve your overall Fitness. Firehouse-Fitness,LLC offers a Private home based Fitness STUDIO in Twinsburg Ohio that offers individual and small group Exercise and Fitness instruction, as well as Personal Training. Get the properly goal oriented individualized personal training that you need to increase or improve your level of fitness. Make us your trusted provider of not only a goal-oriented FITNESS program, but of your new healthier Lifestyle. Your level of fitness is one of the (4) major components that make up your Healthy-Life Pyramid. Your fitness level is directly related to both your PERSONAL FITNESS GOALS, and your CURRENT FITNESS LIFESTYLE.

“On-Fire 50” Fitness

Firehouse-Fitness,LLC specializes in training and coaching clients over 50 to obtain optimum health and fitness through a holistic approach centered in sound exercise principals. As we age, maintaining a healthy Fitness profile comes with the need to make some changes in not only how we exercise, but with the need to maintain joint and tissue flexibility. Our Firehouse-Fitness, LLC "On-Fire 50" program offers you the why and how we must modify our exercise philosophy as our physiology and physical capacity for exercise changes. By changing up the type and frequency of exercising you are better able to protect yourself against this natural decline as we reach 50 and beyond.

“Product/Program” of the Month

This space on the home page will change as we find "Health & Fitness oriented "Products" and "Programs" that we feel will benefit or Clients. Check back often so you check out some of these cutting edge items.
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